This time of year is when my creativity is at its highest and I feel clear and open to manifesting. I always look at Autumn as my New Years. This is the time I review my life and choices and decide what aspects I would like to renew and what aspects I would like to release. 

I realized that the higher perspective I have during this time is due to the veil being thinner. Many civilizations have a common take on Autumn. Some of the similarities are being able to connect with our loved ones from the other side, harvesting, and to plant seeds for the coming year.  There are common holidays as well. There is Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, and Halloween.

Because of the energy this time of year it is a good time to start new habits. If you are considering starting or coming back to a meditation routine you may want to start now as your perspective may be brighter

I like to use tools for my meditation and in honor of the veil thinning I have chosen to use my Embraced by Angels Crystal Grid Kit to connect to my loved ones on the other side.

This kit is specifically for connecting to the divine and/or ones who have passed. When you purchase the kit you will receive all of the crystals, a paper grid, an explanation on the grid, instructions on programming your crystals, a diagram of the grid, a hand poured candle, and glass tray to keep all your items safe and sound.

Here are some tips to get your practice of meditation going.

  • Designate a time everyday to sit for meditation. This should be the same time everyday to create the habit. I highly suggest when you first get up or before you need to perform other obligations. 
  • Consider the time. It is best to start slowly. It will take a while for your body and mind to adapt to the practice, so start slowly and add on as your practice progresses. I suggest starting at 2 minutes and adding minutes slowly when you feel you are adapting to the time you are sitting. 
  • Create a space or alter for your sitting. This could have simple things like candles, incense, items from nature, crystals, statues, etc. It can be as decorative as you like and is simplified as you like. My alter fluctuates with the changing of the seasons, what I am manifesting, and/or what my intentions are.

This is my current alter with the theme of “Thinning of the Veil.” I have my Embraced by Angels Grid to invite my loved ones in who have passed as well as some items that meant something to people I am trying to connect with. I have a candle burning as well as incense. I also have a few statues, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Mary and Jesus, and Ganesh. Lastly, I have a picture from nature that reminds me of a sacred place to meditate. 

  • Consider whether you will be sitting or lying down. You can sit on a yoga block, cushion, sit in an easy seated pose, sit in a chair, or lie down in savasana. Be conscious of how your body is reacting to meditation. If you are sitting in a way that your knees are crying for help it will be difficult to meditate. If you are not used to sitting in meditation you may want to start your practice by sitting up against a wall so that your back is supported. This can also be done by sitting in a chair.
  • Take a moment to clean your altar everytime you sit down. This is a sign or respect as well as a lovely way to release any energy that needs to be released. 
  • You can start centuring yourself by chanting, praying, and/or reading. Two of my favorite centuring tools are Caroline Myss Daily Practice, which you can find free here https://www.myss.com/free-resources/your-daily-practice/

I also love the Onondaga Nation Thanksgiving Prayer.

  • Most of all take it easy on yourself. Remember the day that you start your practice may not be the day you start to see results. You will have to nurture and care for it to see it grow and benefit from your time. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions. I have several crystal kits and meditation cards to purchase for meditation at my studio. Most of all try to have an open mind and open heart to all as well as yourself.

Peace, love, & hope,


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