Yin Yoga with Reiki and a Sound Bath

Yin Yoga with Reiki and a Sound Bath

Yin Yoga with Reiki and a Sound Bath

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What to expect

This class will allow time to explore the body, mind, and spirit through yin yoga, meditation, Reiki, and a sound bath.  We start with Yoga plus Reiki (if desired) and end with a soothing sound bath.

In Yin Yoga we will remain in the poses longer than in a typical yoga class, but in a less strenuous position. By lingering in relative stillness in the poses:

  • You nurture the deep tissues of our bodies including the fascia. By reaching the fascia you will bring oxygen & nutrients to the body, as well as release toxins that have been stored. In turn, this helps to support our immune system
  • You will stimulate the flow of energy (chi) through acupressure
  • You will actively stress and stimulate your bones, creating stronger bones

Reiki is a Japanese holistic healing technique used to balance your energy and mind.

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